Choosing reliability growth model for open source software, online first from IEEE Computer Link to full text at IEEE Predicting the number of unknown defects has always been an important problem to solve. A lot has been done in the Buy cheap Topamax area and a lot will be done before the problem is solved. … Read more

Directing high-performance software development teams Link to full text   Speed, speed, speed – who wouldn’t like their team to be fast, effective, high-performing. The only question is how fast delivery professional Viagra to achieve this goal. In this paper the author presents a methods for identifying capabilities of high-performance agile teams. For example, for … Read more

buy Plan B Agile metrics in technology acquisition Link to full text Recently the Software Engineering Institute has published an interesting article on the use of Agile metrics in DoD contracts. They have defined a few metrics of interest: Velocity – volume of work accomplished in a specified period of time purchase orlistat Sprint Burn-Down – … Read more

During my development of course material for DIT595 (Industrial Best Practice) for the Bachelor Program in Software Engineering and Management order Robaxin I got inspired by the Lean Start-up by Eric Ries (Crown Business Publishing, theleanstartup.com). The book is a very good material for entrepreneurs willing to start their own businesses. It is also very … Read more

The Adoption of Software Measures:, A Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Perspective Link to full text at ScienceDirect Adopting software metrics has been studied multiple times already. One would think that success factors like management commitment or actionability are well known. However, most of the current research has studied the existing measurement programs and reflected on … Read more

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Welcome to the blog about Software metrics, measurement systems and software engineering buy Dapoxetine on line . This blog is a continuation of semetrics.blogspot.com and contains reviews of empirical research papers, highlights of research conducted in the area by our researchers and notifications about upcoming events. If you want to get involved in the activity, … Read more

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