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I’ve talked about software analytics in the previous post, in particular the latest issue of IEEE Software. In this post, let me introduce an interesting book for software engineers and software engineering scientists interested in software analytics: Bird, C., Menzies, T., & Zimmermann, T. (Eds.). (2015). The Art and Science of Analyzing Software Data. Elsevier. After … Read more

The hot summer in Europe provided a lot of time for relaxation and contemplation:) I’ve spent some of the warm days reading some articles for the upcoming SEAA session on software analytics, which is a follow up of the special issue of IST: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.infsof.2018.03.001  Software analytics, simply put, is using data and its visualisation to make … Read more

Our Software Center project has worked with a number of companies to increase the impact of KPIs in modern organizations. Although the concept of KPI has been around since the 90s, many organizations still struggle with making KPIs actionable. In this post, I’ll show the results of one of the recent assessments of KPIs. To … Read more

Measuring readability of code…

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Recently, I had an interesting discussion about code qualities that are seldom part of software research. An example of such quality is readability, which is the degree to which we can read the code correctly. Low readability does not need to lead to defects in the code, but in the long run it does. In … Read more

During the weekend I did some digging into the quality of measurement, in particular, I tried to answer a question from a colleague on measurement accuracy limits. Well, instead of digging into the accuracy, I managed to look at the validation of measures in general. I’ve been searching for methods how people evaluate software measures … Read more

I’ve came across an interesting article summarizing the recent developments of continuous software engineering and related fields. The research has been done by Brian Fitzgerald and his colleagues from LERO: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jss.2015.06.063 I recommend reading this article and here, I just put some thoughts that interested me: Feature analytics is still important and will remain important … Read more

How large companies innovate ….

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Large software companies are really diffrent from each other. That’s hardly a surprise, but do they work in different ways? If we look at the works like “Good to Great” or “Build to Last” by Jim Collins and his colleagues, we can see that they have similarities. They make the same mistakes and they have … Read more

I’ve been browsing the latest issue of IST and this article cought my attention. The article is written by Tommi Mikkonen, Casper Lassenius, Tomi Männistö, Markku Oivo, Janne Järvinen. It is about technology transfer from academia to industry. It’s available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.infsof.2017.10.013 The best point in this article is very important – the technology is … Read more

I often tell my students that the absolute values of measures do not always say much. Take an example of McCabe cyclomatic complexity – the number of 100 (meaning 100 independent paths through a method) does not need to denote problems. It could be a large switch statement which changes locale based on the IP … Read more

In our research and development work, we often spend a lot of time on structuring the measurement information. As difficult as it is to do it upfront, we still manage to get something if we base our work on the ISO&IEC 15939 standard and it’s measurement information meta-model. However, the challenge arises when we want … Read more