Metrics for Agile teams… article highlight

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Which metrics are used by Agile teams? Link to full text Combivent online I was browsing for articles to my new manuscript and encountered this nice piece of work. This article makes an overview which code metrics are used and why by agile teams. The needs are: Iteration planning Iteration tracking Motivating and improving Identifying … Read more

Article highlight: Empirical evidence on the link between object-oriented measures and external quality attributes: a systematic literature review Order Lamisil online Link to full text This article presents an interesting systematic review where the buy cheap Viagra authors set off to look for evidence of correlation between OO metrics and quality. What I like about … Read more

Together with Prof. Hansson and Prof. Bosch from Chalmers University of Technology we had the opportunity to guest edit one of the issues of Information and Software Technology. We set out to compile interesting empirical work on how performance in software development is perceived and assessed. The link to the full text is available at: … Read more