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When working with companies in different projects I often get a question which metrics should an Agile software development team use. The answer is of course – It depends what your team does… and then a set of questions from my side follow. These questions are designed to make me understand about the activities which the … Read more

cheap Valtrex I’ve stumbled upon this paper from one of the latest issues of Information and Software Technology where the authors play around with the data from the PROMISE repository. Here is the paper itself: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0950584914002523 The metrics evaluated in the study range from McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity, via CK metrics suite towards Pain Relief QMOOM suite. … Read more

Choosing a research design – article highlight

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Towards Buy Toradol a decision-making structure for selecting a research design in empirical software engineering, by C. Wohlin and A. Aurum Link Choosing a research design is often an task which impacts the results, the ability to draw conclusions and finally the usefulness of an entire research study. It is not easy for senior researchers and … Read more

On the journey towards continuous deployment…

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misoprostol buy online A colleague from my division has written an excellent piece of empirical work on how the transition towards continuous deployment can be done in an Australian company. Sincerely recommend reading the article at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0950584914001694  

Predicting defects has been on my mind for a while and I’ve been collecting evidence of good metrics which can improve accuracy of predictions. In this article Madeyski and Jureczko have found one more metric – Number of Distinct Committers (NDC) which seems to improve prediction models. The link to the full article is here: … Read more

This week I had a chance to present our experiences from building a sustainable software engineering program (MSc) at University of Gothenburg. The talk was given at the order methotrexate online buy Propranolol SANORD symposium at Karlstad University. The link to the talk is here: Presentation (PDF) Abstract: Software Engineering is one of the newest … Read more

Do SysML requirement diagrams help?

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Today I’ve had a privilege to present a paper at EASE 2014 buy Lithium done in collaboration with University of Basilicata in Italy. Link to presentation The paper is an experimental validation of whether requirement diagrams Cialis online speed up the understanding of requirement specifications or whether they increase/decrease comprehension. The results show that the … Read more

Darko Durisic has done an interesting work on the evolution of industrial-class meta-models. The work has been accepted as full paper at buy Baclofen SEAA (Software Engineering for Advanced Applications) Euromicro Conference. Title: Evolution of Long-Term Industrial Meta-Models – A Case vardenfil online Study Abstract: Meta-models in software engineering are used to define properties of … Read more

Choosing reliability growth models…

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In our recent research we’ve looked at a number of ways on how to support software development companies in working with reliability modelling. I have come across this article on how to choose a model – a sys rev. They authors look at a number of criteria and evaluate which ones are the most used … Read more

Metrics for Agile teams… article highlight

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Which metrics are used by Agile teams? Link to full text Combivent online I was browsing for articles to my new manuscript and encountered this nice piece of work. This article makes an overview which code metrics are used and why by agile teams. The needs are: Iteration planning Iteration tracking Motivating and improving Identifying … Read more